Synthetic or Conventional oil?

We use oil to power the machine of our world. We rely heavily on oil in our society. Many of the wars been fought by the countries of this world is over that precious commodity. The question is asked, ‘Which is better?” The answer simply lies in the choices of individuals. Everyone has their preference and that will surely dictate whether you choose the best synthetic oil or the best conventional oil suitable for you.

Synthetic Oil

Why is this better? There have been endless debates about this and it has caused much confusion in all sectors of the automotive industry. The term synthetic does not only apply to the oils created with petroleum at its base but for others too.  There are five categories of oils and the later of the five is designed with more superior components thanks to the chemical processes that it has under gone. The first two categories of oil are considered conventional oils and they are not of a quality like the synthetic oils. The chemical grade of synthetic oils is designed to be compatible with a counterpart multi-grade oil from the beginning and it is also fortified with other dispersants that further makes the oil better. This stops the degrading process that conventional oils all go through after a while. This process is what makes the synthetic oils considered more valuable and better that the conventional.

Conventional Oils

Conventional oils are considered by everyone to be of lower quality than synthetic oils. Conventional oil will degrade to a less desirable oil after a period of time. This is a trait that synthetic oils do not have. Conventional oils go through a process that thickness the oil. It is thicker when t is cold and thinner when it gets hot. Unfortunately, the oil degrades after some time resulting in a very undesirable form of oil. When some conventional oils are new they will act similar to synthetic oils but after a while they lose that property and reverts to a second-rate oil. The argument about which is better have been proven a long time ago but there are still some people that don’t see it that way. Synthetic oil is better than conventional oils. If conventional oils didn’t have the trait of degrading then the conversation could be better but as it is right now, synthetic oils are better. They are favored by more people and they clearly have more to offer to vehicles and vehicle owners.